What to expect on your first call with HMFI!

What To Expect on Your First Call With HMFI!

By Arman Alim (MSB’24)

HMFI has the pleasure of serving small business owners throughout the DMV area with the utmost kindness, diligence, and respect. As an organization we pride ourselves on getting to know you and your business on a personal level and not just as another number! 

We love talking to potential clients and hearing their stories as well as challenges as they shape the past, present, and future of any business. 

In order to get to know you better and best serve you on a holistic level, you’ll have the pleasure of talking to an amazing member of our client services team! I know it can be nerve-wracking and even overwhelming to meet with us, but I can assure you that it will be a seamless and productive experience for both of us!

To make everything smoother, here’s what you should expect!

1. Expect to be politely and enthusiastically greeted by an awesome member of our HMFI team

They will do everything in their power to make you feel comfortable and feel valued by our organization. We are here to serve and support you!

2. Be ready to talk about yourself!

We love to hear about what makes you as awesome as you are. Everyone has unique stories and interesting experiences that have shaped them and their business.

3. Expect to explain the business and what makes it great!

Each business has its own strengths and unique aspects that truly makes it stand out. We want to hear about them in detail in order to best serve you.

4. Expect to be followed up with in a timely manner!

Everyone in the client services team is here to help you throughout the process, and will ensure that you have all the necessary information going forward. We will make sure you know what the next steps are as soon as possible.

HMFI is truly an amazing organization with extraordinary people serving fantastic individuals and small businesses. 

You should be sure to expect all of these things the next time we have the chance to sit down and speak with you! We’re here to help and make everything go as smoothly as possible. We look forward to meeting you! 

Published on August 21, 2021

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