Updating Online Platforms!

How to Stay Connected with Clients During COVID-19 Series

Updating Online Platforms

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people are increasingly relying on business websites and emails for information. Sending out regularly scheduled newsletters and maintaining a polished website are two ways to ensure that your clients have access to relevant information regarding your business. Below are some ways to help maintain strong relationships with clients through newsletters and your website.

Send out weekly or monthly newsletters

1.Include weekly updates about your business

Write about how your business is working to adapt and serve clients during COVID-19. You can also include information about changes you are making to your product/service as well as employee updates.

2. Share news related to your business

You can include links to news articles that are related to your business or the DMV area. This will help your clients stay updated with your business and industry as a whole. It will also make your newsletters more timely and engaging.

3. Feature different clients or employees in newsletters

Featuring clients in newsletters is a great way to show appreciation for your clients and dedication to clients as individuals. Featuring employees will give your newsletters more of a personal touch and offer a sense of human connection.

4. Provide helpful tips for clients

By providing tips to clients, you can increase clients’ incentive to click on and read through your newsletters. This can help bring more attention to your business as well as help your clients personally.

Update your website

1. Make sure your social media is up to date on the website

As businesses are constantly shifting their strategies and operations during the pandemic, it is important to keep clients updated about changes. To make sure that clients know the latest information, go through your website and make sure there is nothing outdated.

2. Provide resources for your clients relevant to COVID-19

Many individuals have had to adapt during COVID-19. To make this process easier, provide resources to your clients that are also relevant to your business. This is just another way to show your clients that you care about them personally.

3. Improve website format/layout if necessary

Because people are increasingly relying on online platforms for information, take some time to update and polish your website. Make sure it is organized so that clients can easily navigate it. Grouping similar information under tabs can help make your website more organized.

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