Small Business Loans

Our Small Business Loans deliver the most impact to our clients and the community when we invest in value-adding projects. HMFI evaluates loan applications using an underwriting process that weights the sustainability of a client’s business, their personal financial health, and their personal credit history to determine eligibility.

Service Details

  • Loan Amount Range: $500-$10,000
  • Fixed Interest Rate: 6%
  • Term: 6 months – 24 months


Eligibility requirements

  • Monthly income greater than $1,000
  • No outstanding tax obligations
  • Not undergoing bankruptcy proceedings
  • Demonstrate the long-term financial benefit of proposed loan


Loan Application Process

  1. Client Completes Application on our Website
  2. Pre-Approval
  3. Document Collection Meeting
  4. Holistic Underwriting Process
  5. Loan Approved


Factors Considered in Underwriting

  • Desired use of funds
  • Business revenues & expenses
  • Payment history
  • Income
  • Account balances
  • Character references
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