Group Financial Coaching

Our Group Financial Coaching Team provides comprehensive educational modules that prepare our clients to manage their businesses and personal finances. The modules provide essential operational and financial knowledge in a dynamic learning environment. Our goal is to empower clients by focusing on interactive skill-building and personal growth.

Service Details

  • 5 comprehensive, 45-minute educational modules
  • 5 minutes: opening, questionnaire, pre-quiz
  • 30 minutes: presentation
  • 10 minutes: questions and post-quiz


Module Details

1. Banking Basics
  • Benefits of opening accounts at financial institutions
  • How to select a bank or credit union depending on personal needs
  • Differences between checking and savings accounts
  • How to select the best account(s) depending on personal needs
  • Specific steps to open an account


2. Budgeting and Saving
  • How to review past spending and set goals to save or pay off debt
  • How to create a budget and track spending
  • How to adjust a budget and achieve financial goals
  • How to implement strategies to save money


3. Building Credit
  • How to improve credit score
  • Why good credit is important
  • Breaking down factors that determine credit score
  • How to select the best credit card type depending on personal needs
  • How to correct errors on your credit report


4. Dealing with Debt
  • Types of debt: good and bad, secured and unsecured, fixed and variable, deductible and nondeductible
  • Debt collection rights
  • How to recognize and protect from illegal debt collection practices
  • How to more effectively repay debt
  • How to access community resources


5. Predatory Financing
  • Recognizing and avoiding predatory loans and other harmful financial products, including rent-to-own goods, title loans, check-cashing businesses, and instant income tax returns
  • Find products at trustworthy financial institutions
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