Semester-End Reflection: Moonlan Zhang, CEO

Semester-End Reflection

By Moonlan Zhang (SFS ’20)

HMFI has been a significant part of my Georgetown experience since my first weeks of freshmen year. This semester, I’ve had the privilege of serving as CEO of HMFI, a position that has allowed me to make a greater impact to both HMFI and the broader DC community.

Coming into the position, my goals were simplistic and straightforward: disburse more loans and expand our financial coaching program. Now a semester in, I see that things are far more complex. The lending market in DC is constantly evolving; so, too, must HMFI. I have spent most of this semester integrating myself into the broader DC community, speaking with representatives from mission-aligned nonprofits, government agencies, and private companies alike. I have been working to build relationships that, I hope, will continue to support HMFI long after I graduate.  It has been an inspiration to interact with people who have committed their whole lives to promoting economic development; it is a reminder for how much more both HMFI and I as an individual can do for the DC community.

I cannot imagine working through this past semester without the support of my fellow executive staff members, Kuran and Andrew, the enthusiasm and hard work of the broader organization, and the mentorship of HMFI seniors. Our seniors graduate this month and I am so excited for them to do go forth and do amazing things in the world. While the goodbyes are bittersweet, I know that they will be a phone call away and continuously supportive of the work that we do.

Published on May 16, 2019

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