Small Business Loan

Our Small Business Loan (SBL) delivers the most impact to our clients. Looking to invest in value-added projects, HMFI uses a holistic underwriting process for evaluating applicants. In short, our underwriting process doesn’t focus on your credit score. Instead, we look at a range of quantitative and qualitative information to ensure the requested loan is a solid fit for your business and our organization’s mission.

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About about our

Small Business Loan

Loan Amount Range:

$500 - $10,000

Fixed Interest Rate:

6% per annum

Term Length:

6 months - 24 months


Eligibility Requirements

  1. Monthly income greater than $1,000
  2. No outstanding tax obligations
  3. Not undergoing bankruptcy proceedings
  4. Demonstrates the long-term financial benefit of proposed loan

The factors we consider in


  • Desired use of funds
  • Business revenues & expenses
  • Payment history
  • Income
  • Account balances
  • Character references

Our Loan Application Process

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Our process begins with you filling out some basic information on our website. This helps us acquire the necessary details to consider you as an a potential client.

An application that meets the eligibility requirements of our Monitoring Department is approved for the first stage of the loan process.

After pre-approval, we will arrange a meeting to collect documents and learn more about your business. Documents needed include tax returns, bank statements, and professional references.

Our underwriting process doesn’t focus on your credit score. Instead, we look at your desired use of funds, business financials, payment history, and other non-discriminatory sources of information to ensure the loan is the appropriate amount and fit for your business and our mission.

Once all these steps are completed and approved by our board, the loan will be disbursed!

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