While HMFI can communicate countless numbers and statistics about our impact, nothing beats the unique, inspiring experiences of our clients and organization members. Check out media coverage about HMFI from our blog and other publications below! We value every opportunity to spread our mission to new audiences, so please be sure to visit our Press Inquiries page if you’re interested in helping us expand our presence!

Featured Media Coverage

Madeleine Meier, Hilltop Microfinance Initiative

Talk of Takoma Host Eric Bond chats with Madeleine Meier from the Hilltop Microfinance Initiative, run by students at Georgetown University.

A Washington, D.C. Florist Steps into her Father’s Shoes, With the Help of Georgetown Students

The Pandemic shined a light on community loan funds and the role small businesses play in people’s lives. Here’s how one such fund affected two women. Click the read more. Click to read more

TheWash: How microfinancing could reshape Petworth

Few understand the power of microfinancing more than Sharod Wade, whose $2,000 loan from HMFI helped turn his Semper Sanitize cleaning service  from a small, residential venture into a commercial servicer with four employees and a van of his own. Click to read more

Petworth News: Transform the economy through microfinance initiatives

Following the closing of some local businesses, Petworth is at a unique crossroads concerning its economic development. A Georgetown non-profit is ready to offer micro-loans to small businesses to help them succeed. Click to read more

Living on One: Does Microfinance Work in the U.S.?

Microfinance services are not only in the developing world. There are unbanked entrepreneurs in our own communities or just off our college campuses… Click to read more

Empowered Women Int’l Blog

The session entitled “Building Your Credit Score” aimed at informing our women on how to manage personal finances before making a leap in the complex entrepreneurial world. As they think about their creative products or services and their marketing skills, needless to say finance will play a great role in their future success… Click to read more

+ College Credit: How U.S. university students are helping the underbanked build credit in their campus communities

published on Next Billion, an initiative of the University of Michigan

+ Credit Counciling from HMFI Helps Empower Stony Brook Residents

written by the Community Preservation and Development Corporation

Featured Blog Posts

Loan Red Flags: What To Look Out For Before Borrowing

Before submitting an application for a small business loan, it is important to know the risks involved. Understanding the red flags of loans will help you navigate these risks and choose the loan that works best for your business…. Read here!

+ What Really Goes on in Our GFC Sessions?

Brad O’Connor – Marketing Associate, COL ’22

+ What is Microfinance?

Isabelle Wisco – Director of Marketing, MSB ’22

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