New Hire Spotlight: Kevin Kim

New Hire Spotlight: Kevin Kim

By Kevin Kim  (Col’22)

Having attended a Jesuit high school in the heart of Los Angeles, I immediately realized through service opportunities the importance and impact of community engagement. I realized I lived in an environment pervasive with not only culture, Hollywood, and wealthy citizens, but also homelessness, underfunded schools, and a high wealth gap. I took it upon myself to empower my community through many different means, whether it be volunteering at local hospitals or co-founding my own non-profit organization to bring STEM education and resources to underserved students and schools. I recognized a very common issue throughout the communities and people I served: a lack of financial knowledge and security. The concept of managing and earning money was foreign to many, and I hoped to gain experience and obtain ways to solve this issue. This type of social entrepreneurship and empowerment, combined with academic and social philosophy, was something I sought to continue in college. Luckily, I found that HMFI’s mission to empower clients and the community through encouraging financial literacy, security, and monetary aid was a medium I found intriguing and powerful. As a new hire, I have learned the different methods HMFI uses to create a lasting and significant impact on people’s financial and personal lives, whether it be through a small business loan or a financial coaching session.

Although the training process has been long, I have taken to heart the importance and impact of each department’s curriculum and role in the organization. Training has helped me familiarize myself with the importance of professionalism, time-management, accuracy, and dedication needed to make an impact, ranging from a detail-oriented mindset for monitoring to communication skills for outreach. For me, the outreach event for Client Recruitment at the Small Business Expo in the Washington D.C. Convention Center was the most impactful experience. It provided me a clearer perspective on the number of aspiring small business owners that could benefit from a small business loan; the number was surprisingly higher than I imagined. Many people’s goals and missions for their business are noble, creative, and important. Now that I am part of HMFI, I’ve further realized the impact giving them a loan could have and the significance of being a friendly, approachable face for HMFI when recruiting new clients.

My time as a new hire has been fruitful and has fostered my personal and intellectual growth. I am beyond elated to build relationships and work with both executive staff and fellow new hires to create a more friendly, cohesive work environment while furthering our mission and presence in the greater DMV area. My time at HMFI has helped me learn the power of teamwork and relationships–with both club members and our clients–in making a difference. Through these works, I know that I can depend on fellow HMFIers as mentors, friends, and colleagues. HMFI has been an experience that prides itself in its altruism and ability to make a difference. For others looking to display a similar passion for community empowerment, I know that HMFI is a community for them.

Published on April 10, 2019

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