Welcome to HMFI’s Largest New Hire Class!

Welcome to HMFI’s Largest New Hire Class!

At the beginning of each fall and spring semester, The Hilltop Microfinance Initiative has the opportunity to accept a group of freshmen and sophomore students from Georgetown University to join us in advancing our mission of economic development through microfinance. This fall, the members of HMFI are thrilled to welcome our biggest new hire class to date! We received over 100 applications this fall, with students coming from all of the Georgetown schools. 


During this application process, our leadership team made sure to offer a variety of different recruitment events to showcase the values and mission of the Hilltop Microfinance Initiative; these events included information sessions, a Women’s Event, a Students of Color Event and a Sophomore Roundtable. We hoped that from these events, prospective applicants would have both formal and informal meetings with the club’s executive team and leadership to learn more about HMFI and what kind of impact they could make by joining.


HMFI accepted 18 new hires; with a mix of 13 freshmen and 5 sophomores. One of our eager new hires, Ryan Reamy, told us how he heard about HMFI from CST Director Meera Dahiya, and after “she gave a pretty impressive pitch for the club…I was really interested in the intersection of community engagement, finance, and social impact that HMFI had to offer.” 


Another new hire, sophomore Sophie Piedras (COL ‘25), from New Jersey, told us, “I wanted to join HMFI because I felt it was very different from most clubs at Georgetown, especially in the fact that it would give me the chance to leverage my Spanish speaking skills to better connect with underrepresented communities and the business leaders within them”.


Our new hires are currently participating in our comprehensive new hire training program, in which they will have weekly meetings to learn about each of the five internal departments of HMFI. By the end of the semester, we will have matriculated them into their new departments, where they will begin making their impact on our organization and continue growing HMFI’s presence throughout Georgetown and the greater DMV area! 

by Georgie Wilson, SFS ’24

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