New Hire Training Program

New Hire Training Program

By Michelle Choi (Col’20)

This spring, HMFI is excited to pilot our New Hire Generalist Training program. We believe that the new training model will benefit both the new hires and the organization in the long run; with a detailed, generalist education of each department, new hires will be able to make a more informed decision on which department they’d best serve, and the organization as a whole will undoubtedly benefit from a class of utility players, all of whom will be trained and certified to execute all operations of each of the six departments. Looking ahead, we hope that this program will lead to a rise in both quantity and quality of interdepartmental projects as well as resolve short term staffing issues.

Personally, the mission, the excitement of novelty, and the promise of giving back through mentorship drew me to the position of Director of Matriculation. Buying in completely with the vision of our executive staff regarding this program, I knew I had to apply for the position as soon as it was introduced. It was a practical, creative restructuring solution to some of our organizational kinks, and I felt that I had the skillset to help execute their communicated concept. Also, as someone who appreciates opportunities for growth, piloting a program from scratch seemed the perfect challenge to tackle. Of course, there are always road bumps, but thanks to the greatly appreciated effort and support of all the department directors, CEO, CFO, COO, and Chief of Staff, I am delighted to report that the program has seen early success in our first course module.

The new hires have adapted quite well to the training process so far. I am constantly amazed and incredibly proud of the dedication and energy they bring to every meeting and assignment—they make it stupidly easy to be personally invested in their professional and personal development. I look forward to the happy tears that I will undoubtedly shed during their matriculation at the end of the semester.

Published on February 28, 2019

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