New Hire Spotlight: Isabelle Wisco

My New Hire Experience

By Isabelle Wisco (MSB ’22)

Isabelle with fellow Marketing Associates, Lauren Alston & Anjali Kapadia

  • Why did you decide to join HMFI?

The words “empower” and “small business” caught my eye. At first glance, I realized that the organization could fulfill my central goal to create social impact in the world of business. Through HMFI, I could explore the intricacies in helping maintain such an impactful organization, contributing to something more than myself.  After researching further about HMFI, however, I realized that my connection to the organization went beyond my personal goals, reaching upon my family history. My own parents, who are self-made small business owners, fit the profile of those that HMFI looks to help. Over thirty years ago, fresh out of the Philippines with no college degree, the two started their own Filipino restaurant in San Diego. Scenarios ran through my mind, causing me to wonder how an organization like HMFI could have saved them from financial pitfalls that their lack of experience incurred. In all, I felt drawn to the empathetic nature of this organization. To understand the issues of a small business, we must understand the story of the owner, their motivations, and their strengths. Therefore, the potential for interpersonal impact and professional growth pushed me to join HMFI.

  • What have you learned about HMFI and our impact since joining the organization?

With only a month into my time at HMFI, I have already viewed the ways in which community and commitment drive the organization towards its goals. HMFI champions collaboration, both within each department and between different departments. Working with others not only heightens our professional operations, but also generates a culture of support and appreciation. I look forward to my upcoming outreach trip, for example, where I can further bond with members from different departments as we work towards interacting with small business owners and sharing information about our services with them. Furthermore, I enjoy how HMFI follows through on breaking the “Georgetown Bubble.” Many Georgetown students look to explore areas beyond our own community, but often fall short of actually going due to busy schedules and comfort on our campus. HMFI makes this objective a reality, encouraging proactivity and giving opportunities in interacting with people who have experiences different than our own.

Isabelle at HMFI’s 10 Year Anniversary Celebration with new hires, Jack Borris and Jean-Claude Kradin.

  • What do you hope to learn/accomplish this semester?

Similar to my reasons for joining HMFI, my goals for the semester regard both social impact and professional development. Through outreach trips and other opportunities, I hope to have face-to-face time with potential and current clients, so I can learn more about the people that HMFI impacts. Furthermore, I want to ensure people understand the ways in which HMFI can help and push forward our mission. With these interaction, I feel that I can better understand HMFI and elevate my work in the Marketing Department. I also look forward to gaining experiences with undertaking tasks and responsibilities. So far, through helping out on creating HMFI branding videos, I have already been able to learn about both big picture and day-to-day steps, from storyboarding to Google Calendar invites.

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