New Hire Profile: Ben Levine

New Hire Profile: Ben Levine

By Brad O’Connor (COL ‘22)

Ben Levine (MSB ’23)

      This week, I had a chance to catch up with new hire Ben Levine. Ben is a freshman hailing from Woodbridge, Connecticut and is potentially majoring in Finance and Accounting with a minor in Physics. Coming to Georgetown, Ben wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. He’s always had his eyes on business but had never considered the many opportunities and disciplines within the field. Once on campus, Ben found HMFI. In my discussion with Ben, he described his initial days in HMFI as “welcoming” and that he “really feel a good sense of camaraderie, and the expectations have been realistic.” Ben was worried that, like many of the other clubs on campus he had seen, that HMFI would simply be a resume-builder. He explained that, in his brief time on campus, he had seen “pre-professional” clubs as nothing more than groups of people doing little to nothing. HMFI, however, is a club that “actually does work and cares––the community is made up of people who want to help others and aren’t just going through the motions.”

      One of Ben’s biggest points in our conversation was how well his new hire class has come together. He mentioned, “Obviously, I was a little nervous. I had never met any of these people, so I hoped to make a good first impression.” But, Ben had no reason to be nervous. This class, as Ben described, “helps each other out, always says ‘hi’ to each other, and steps up. Whenever there is work that needs to be done, we get it done.” The culture of this new hire class has become infectious, and the results are showing. Ben talked to me about some of the work that these new hires have begun, saying, “It has been great. I didn’t think I’d be getting my hands dirty this quick, but, boy, was I wrong.” For their first couple of projects, the new hires have been getting situated with the organization’s fundamental departments and services. As these new hires continue to learn and grow, so will our organization with their help. Ben strives to continue cultivating this space of learning and growth for his fellow new hires and future new hires after him.

Published November 5th, 2019

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