HMFI’s Annual Holiday Drive

HMFI’s Annual Holiday Drive

By Bobby Pedersen (MSB ’21)

With the holiday season in full swing, HMFI is set to continue its own holiday tradition – the Annual Holiday Drive. Since its initiation in 2015, the Annual Holiday Drive has remained our biggest fundraising effort of the year. While originally intended to fundraise within our network of family and friends, the drive has grown tremendously in scope and reach, attracting new donors and garnering more attention to our cause. With new technology and enhanced outreach efforts, we’ve been able to expand our organization’s impact and increase our fundraising targets year after year.

As a student-run non-profit organization, development initiatives including the Annual Holiday Drive are vital in putting our mission to work. Fundraising efforts have allowed HMFI to expand its website, enhance its payment platforms, and reach more clients. The money raised during the Annual Holiday Drive has a tangible impact on our organization, and because of this, an impact on small business owners throughout the D.C. metropolitan area. With the funds raised, we can pursue our organization’s strategic goals and ideas, creating values within the communities we serve and affording us an opportunity to grow as professional leaders.

There are numerous exciting goals and ideas in the works here at HMFI. This year, our fundraising efforts will be focused on expanding out current products and services to better fit the needs of our clients. The Annual Holiday Drive plays a crucial role in helping us reimagine, finetune, and expand the work we do on a daily basis within our community. Specifically, funds raised will be going towards increasing our loan capital, allowing us to serve more small business owners and disburse more impact. Further, proceeds from the Annual Holiday Drive will help us expand our Group Financial Coaching sessions to reach more people with accurate and applicable information.

This year, the drive will run from November 5th through December 31st. Donations can either be sent online or you can mail a check to:

Hilltop Microfinance Initiative

3220 N St NW Box 142

Washington, DC 20007

On behalf of all of HMFI, we would like to thank you for your continued support, and wish you and your family a happy holiday season!

Bobby Pedersen is a sophomore at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, and outside of HMFI, he enjoys mentoring and tutoring students in literacy skills throughout the District of Columbia through DC Reads. Originally from New York City, NY, Bobby is a huge dog person and politics junkie. Bobby is also an inaugural member of HMFI’s Crossovers Program, in which he spends time immersing in both HMFI’s Marketing and Client Services Team Departments.

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