Family Outreach

Family Outreach

By Emma Ladouceur (MSB’21)

This semester, HMFI is introducing the family system to improve its outreach strategy. Outreach is a way for us to go into the community through events and Community Development Organizations to meet small business owners who can be potential clients. As of this semester, every member of the organization will be sorted into a family that includes people across different departments and graduation years. Each family will compete for points by going together on outreach and participating in social events, like intramural sports. Not only is this a way to give everyone exposure to more people from organization, but it is also a way for us to make outreach more fun. We hope this engages every family to get excited about going on outreach, meeting business owners, and getting more clients to apply for a small business loan, which are all fundamental elements of HMFI’s work.

This will be a great resource for the younger members as they can use their family “parents” as mentors for outreach and learning how to go about speaking with potential clients; in addition, family members can provide more general advice when navigating time at Georgetown. I’m looking forward to see new hires get to know HMFI members of all years and departments and really gain a full understanding of outreach. Recruiting clients has been such an exciting experience for me as a member of HMFI and I’m lucky to have some great mentors from this organization. I hope everyone will have the same opportunity to create connections, and families will be a great way to foster and encourage these connections. As of now, family members have been getting to know each other better and will start going on outreach this month!

Published on March 20, 2019

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