Crossover Spotlight: Jack Borris

Crossover Spotlight: Jack Borris

By Jack Borris (MSB’22)

HMFI’s crossover program allows interested members of the organization to serve in two departments over the course of a semester. By fulfilling different roles, crossover members can broaden their familiarity with all aspects of HMFI and facilitate cross-departmental dialogue to advance organizational goals.

I was initially attracted to the crossover program by my efforts to interact with other departments during the fall semester. Entering the client services team last fall, I was quickly thrust into a dynamic role in our pipeline process, necessitating my interaction with our Marketing and Client Recruitment departments through research projects and extensive strategic discussions. Through my analysis of our pipeline as an organizational process rather than an intra-departmental one, I was able to gain a broader vision of HMFI’s mission and the various methods we employ as an organization to effectuate it.

Serving in both Client Services and Group Financial Coaching this semester, I have broadened the scope of my familiarity with our non-pipeline departments and have also reached out into the DC community at a more hands-on level. Teaching my first GFC session last week, I was able to witness the impact of my efforts first hand; disbursing handouts and educational materials I had assisted in making while teaching local entrepreneurs in a classroom setting, I felt the impact that our organization makes around the district in real-time.

As the semester progresses, I am looking forward to developing increased links between our Group Financial Coaching sessions and our pipeline process. As our session attendees grow their own small businesses, I would be excited to help in offering them the opportunity to succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors through a microloan from HMFI.

Published on March 27, 2019

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