How We Can Help During The COVID-19 Crisis

HMFI is keeping everyone in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Please know that we are here to support small business owners and underserved communities who have been most affected by the virus. Together, we will get through this.

How We Can Help

If you’re interested in any of these services and/or assistance on coronavirus-related small business topics, email

Review Credit Applications

HMFI can direct you to and read over SBA Disaster Loan applications, Business Microgrant applications, and other applications for credit

Look Over Loan Terms

HMFI can help look over other loan terms to ensure our community won’t take on any harmful debt

Explain Forgivable Loans

HMFI can go over what a forgivable loan is, verify what it can be used for, and look over other loan terms

Offer More Economic Resources 

HMFI can direct you to and help you understand other federal, state, and local resources that can support your business

Answer Your Questions

HMFI has put together a series of resources that addresses FAQ regarding major COVID-19 policies. We can also answer questions directed to

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out what these policies really mean for you and your business by clicking on the links listed below.

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