Support Our Annual Holiday Drive!

By Jared Price (MSB ’23) and Madeleine Meier (MSB ’23)

What is HMFI’s Annual Holiday Drive?

With the holiday season on the horizon, HMFI is looking ahead to its Annual Holiday Drive. The HMFI Annual Holiday Drive is our organization’s biggest fundraising effort and continues to grow every year in its impact. In addition to fundraising within our personal networks of friends and family, HMFI’s Annual Holiday Drive aims to attract new donors and bring more attention to our cause. The success of the Annual Holiday Drive and similar development initiatives provide HMFI the capacity to expand our fundraising efforts and increase our fundraising targets every year. 

Since its initiation in 2015, the Annual Holiday Drive has provided our organization with the opportunity to grow our website, enhance our payment platforms, expand our Group Financial Coaching sessions, and reach more clients. Every dollar advances our mission of empowering low-income communities in the DMV area.

Why Should I Participate in the Annual Holiday Drive?

Especially amidst the pandemic, there is an urgent and heightened need to support small business owners, and HMFI is making an effort to support disproportionately affected communities. This year, our fundraising efforts will be focused on supporting HMFI’s response in these communities.

Now more than ever, DMV entrepreneurs need the assistance and knowledge that HMFI provides, and the funds provided by the Annual Holiday Drive will allow HMFI to expand its influence and impact.

We recognize that the COVID-19 crisis continues to have detrimental effects on the communities in which we serve, which is why we continue to engage with our clients and work to make our services more accessible. Our loan pipeline remains open, as we understand that small business owners require capital now more than ever.

Furthermore, HMFI makes community engagement a priority, as we regularly attend “Business Guidance” sessions with Empowered Women International. HMFI also offers virtual GFC sessions that are open to all individuals across the country. With the help of our Annual Holiday Drive donors, we can provide our clients with the assistance they need in these difficult times.

How Can I Help Out?

This year’s drive will run from November 20th through December 8th. In the spirit of the holidays, we ask that you donate as you are able while the Annual Holiday Drive is open.

On behalf of all of HMFI, we would like to thank you for your continued support, and wish you and your family a happy holiday season!

Published November 15, 2020

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