Lexi Bolandhemat Chief Executive Officer
Kuran Malhotra Chief Financial Officer
Moonlan Zhang Chief Operating Officer
Ethan Craunot Director of Development
Andrew Pomposelli Director of Monitoring
Ravisa Kalsi Director of Group Financial Coaching
Aiden Jones Director of Client Recruitment
Michael Bakan Director of Marketing
John Conner Key Director of the Client Services Team


Client Recruitment

  • Forge new partnerships with community development organizations integral to the DC, Maryland, and Virginia communities
  • Plan and attend outreach events with existing community partners
  • Learn about businesses of potential clients and recommend appropriate service

Client Services

  • Effectively communicate with clients in small business loan application pipeline and assist with application process
  • Manage and review client applications
  • Meet with clients to learn about their business, collect essential documents


  • Underwrite approved loans
  • Track client payments
  • Maintain loan portfolio and internal finances
  • Help create HMFI’s yearly budget
  • Develop and track metrics to quantify HMFI’s impact


  • Create infographics and advertisements to broadcast HMFI’s services and mission
  • Manage HMFI’s website, blog, and social media presence
  • Compile and distribute monthly newsletter
  • Support other departments’ initiatives with strategic marketing materials


  • Maintain HMFI’s financial viability and sustainability
  • Seek new corporate partners
  • Apply for corporate grants
  • Plan and execute fundraisers and donation drives
  • Organize alumni and donor outreach and appreciation initiatives

Group Financial Coaching

  • Deliver financial coaching modules to group audiences
  • Develop interactive teaching style
  • Create new relevant module content and integrate into existing curriculum
  • Track client performance and engagement
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