As a Georgetown student, working at the Hilltop Microfinance Initiative is one of the best ways to gain experience in finance and community development, as well as get involved in the broader D.C. community. At HMFI, not only will you will have a true impact on the community, you will meet some of the most ambitious and interesting Georgetown students in the process. Some of our employees go on to work at top financial institutions and consulting firms, while others choose to continue along the community development track. Either way, HMFI prepares you to make an impact right away.

Our operations are divided into five departments:

Client Services Team

HMFI’s Client Services Team is an exciting and dynamic place to work. Our client-based approach focuses on creating access to basic skills and foundations of entrepreneurship, ranging from bookkeeping to marketing. Consultants meet with ambitious entrepreneurs in DC, Maryland, and Virginia to learn about their businesses and offer specialized training and support in a number of areas. Members of our team gain exposure to a variety of industries and work together to constantly improve the products we offer. Successful applicants should demonstrate the following qualities:

  • A passion for community development
  • Have a friendly and approachable demeanor as well as strong communication skills.
  • Possible teaching or tutoring experience.
  • Be flexible and able to think on their feet.
  • Work well in a team atmosphere.
  • Be willing to learn from and listen to their clients.
  • Have time during the week to travel locally to meet with clients.
  • Possible experience with social media, graphic design programs, or other marketing tools.

Client Recruitment

Client Recruitment provides the key foundation through which HMFI executes its mission: establishing a network of organizations to form a “pipeline” of clients. Breaking the “Georgetown bubble” and building partnerships with key government and NGO entities, CR allows students to develop strategic networking and communication skillsets while interacting with high-level community stakeholders. Via a Key Accounts Model, CR Account Managers have the responsibility of establishing deep, mutually beneficial relationships with peer organizations. Successful applicants should demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Drive to explore new opportunities, partnerships and locales within the D.C. community
  • Engaging and dynamic communication skills
  • Flexibility in time  — Client Recruitment may require a more intensive time commitment than other departments
  • Aspiration and ability to take on responsibilities
  • Possible experience in the D.C. community with education, immigrant, governmental, etc. organizations
  • Desire to have fun and explore!


The Marketing department is responsible for promoting HMFI at Georgetown and within the broader D.C. community. The Marketing team produces brochures and infographics and manages the HMFI website. In recent years, HMFI has been featured in the Washington Post, the Hoya, on Georgetown’s homepage, and by the Clinton Global Initiative’s University conference. The marketing team is responsible for maintaining this steam of good publicity! Successful applicants should demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Strong writing ability
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite or WordPress platform is great but not required
  • Creativity
  • Enthusiasm for HMFI and its mission
  • Media experience a plus


The Development department is responsible for ensuring the financial viability and sustainability of HMFI. Development raises funds for the organization by applying for grants and holding fundraisers both on campus and in the D.C. community. Members will be asked to contribute to all fundraising efforts and cultivate new partnerships so as to bring beneficial resources to HMFI. This work not only hones written and verbal communication skills, but also provides access and exposure to influential philanthropic entities in the community. Successful applicants should demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Strong presentation abilities
  • Professional demeanor
  • Interest in nonprofit fundraising opportunities
  • Experience planning/organizing events is a plus


The Monitoring department is responsible for maintaining HMFI’s loan portfolio as well as its internal finances. Members of the monitoring department help decide HMFI’s budget every year and also develop metrics to quantify the impact of HMFI on its clients. Working in the monitoring department allows students to gain experience with loan underwriting and gain a broader understanding finance and accounting in a community development context. Successful applicants should demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Finance and accounting coursework not necessary but definitely a plus
  • Attention to detail and an understanding of Microsoft Excel
  • Quantitative aptitude
  • A basic understanding of how a business works and what qualities make a borrower more likely to pay back a loan
  • Comfort interacting and evaluating potential clients