2008 | HMFI Founded

The Hilltop Microfinance Initiative is founded by Eugene Goldberg, Mo Narang, Alex Siegel, and Max O’Neill.

2009 | First Loan

Bernardo Figueroa, HMFI’s first client receives a loan to finance a new refrigerator for his food truck.

2011 | Business Consulting Service Launch

HMFI expands service offering to include business consulting.

2012 | Credit Builder Loan Launch

Thanks to a generous donation from Capital One’s Investing for Good campaign, HMFI’s credit builder program was established in early 2012. Since then, our credit builder program has worked with over 70 individuals. A recent impact survey found that 80% of our clients saw an improved credit score within six months.

2013 | $30,000 Assets

With our fifth anniversary campaign, HMFI surpassed $30,000 in assets.

2014 | 100% Repayment Rate Retained

In 2014, we surveyed 20 small businesses, restructured the Small Business Loan to meet client needs, worked with over 30 clients, disbursed 2 loans.

2015 | Current Day

So far, our team of 38 students have helped 16 clients, 100% of which are in the low income category.