HMFI’s Financial Coaching Team provides comprehensive educational products that prepare our clients to manage their businesses and personal finances. Our goal is to empower clients by teaching them skills we feel are essential to operating their businesses well. Our team helps clients learn fundamental business practices through sessions conducted by at least two consultants. We also offer consulting services that addresses clients’ specific problems and inspires them to take action. Our clients can choose from among the following lessons, based on their individual needs.

Services include:

Module 1: Banking Basics

Banking Basics covers both banking for individuals and banking for small businesses. Specifically, the individual banking section will teach you the differences between the three types of financial institutions and how to select which one is the best fit for you. Once you understand what type of institution you want, you will learn how to open and manage your new bank account, learning the important aspects of checking and saving accounts. The small business section will help you select a bank for your business as well as teach you about the advantages and disadvantages of business checking accounts. Additionally, this section will discuss business credit and debit cards. After completion of this module you should be ready and able to find the right bank for you and properly open and manage your own bank account.

Module 2: Budgeting, Planning, and Saving

Budgeting, Planning, and Saving discusses various topics including important business practices, ways to be attentive of your budget, and planning for the future in a business. This module explains various terms in relation to sales and expenses. With your client services representative, you will walk through specific worksheets to evaluate your business. In addition, you will get tips on decreasing expenses and growing your business. The module emphasizes the necessity for establishing goals and means to achieve these goals. Lastly, you will learn about several resources to continue learning about this topic.

Module 3: Credit

Credit provides an overview of what credit is, what good credit and bad credit look like, and how to read a credit report. First, the module explains the importance of credit and how different behaviors can impact credit. The second part of the module demonstrates how a credit score is calculated, how to read a credit report, and steps you can take to build good credit. Through this session, you will gain an overall understanding of how credit is calculated and the benefits of establishing good credit.

Module 4: Credit Products

Credit Products provides information about banking, credit, and loans. Through this module you will develop an understanding of these financial resources that enables you to maximize benefits and minimize costs. Beginning with an overview of banking, the module explains different types of bank accounts and interest rates before exploring how to open, manage, and verify a bank account. Tips on how to minimize account fees and bank safely are also included. Following the banking section of the module are in-depth explanations of credit – what it is, why it is important, and how to manage it – as well as the types and costs of loans. The final section of the module explores some of the risks or “traps” that accompany the use of credit and how to eliminate or minimize these risks.

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